The ASEAN+ Database is a research tool developed by Manuel Stagars at Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) that contains statistical data from ASEAN member states, China, and India. In the beta version of the database, datasets come from public sources, including National Statistics Offices, Intergovernmental Organisations, and Non-Governmental Organisations. In the future, the database will also cover geospatial data and additional data sources. Manuel led this project as a Senior Researcher at Singapore-ETH Centre from 2015-2016.

ASEAN+ Database Explainer:

The ability to effectively tackle the challenges of efficiency and sustainability of material stocks and flows, liveability, urban planning, and resilience depend on accurate data. in order to create high-quality insights, researchers need high-quality inputs.

An important part of the ASEAN+ Database project is the technology and scalability of aggregating, metatagging, indexing, and making datasets searchable. To maximise the potential of new approaches to process, visualise, and analyse data, including data fusion, big data, fast data, open data, semantic Web, we also need to gain a better understanding of the rules and processes behind data. This understanding allows researchers to qualify and validate their work and gives a deeper perspective to complex data-driven projects.


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